AnyMeeting Quick Start from Videos on Vimeo.

AnyMeeting Quick Start from Videos on Vimeo.

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How to Schedule a Meeting
To schedule a meeting, follow the wizard in your Account Manager:
  • Log in to your account
  • Click on the "Schedule a Meeting" button
  • Enter title, date and time.
  • Enter emails of attendees and any other presenters.
    (If you don't have all emails handy just now, you can add and send them later.)
  • Formulate your optional personal invitation text for the emails.
  • Select audio method:
    • Discussion Mode -- Everyone can talk and be heard
    • Listen-Only Mode -- Only presenters can be heard
  • Press "Schedule Meeting Now" to immediately send invitations to all participants, or press "Next>>" to create a registration form.

Registration forms, surveys and preview are advanced functions to help you make more sophisticated meeting arrangements.

You might use these optional functions to collect data from your sales prospects, require payment to participate in your meeting, or to send follow-up surveys.

Some additional tips regarding invitations
As the meeting host, you have four basic options when inviting attendees:
  • Send meeting invitations without registration.
    This is the easiest invitation, because when you organize your meeting, every attendee will receive an e-mail with the date, time, title, personal message from you and the actual link to join the meeting. At the time of the meeting, attendees simply click the meeting link, enter their name and e-mail, and join the live meeting.
  • Send meeting invitations requiring pre-registration.
    When you schedule this type of meeting, click through to the registration page to create a custom registration form requesting additional information from attendees. You can also require payment for participating in your meeting. When finished creating the meeting, email invitations will be sent to all your invitees announcing your meeting and prompting them to click through to your registration form. Registered attendees will then receive a confirmation email with the actual meeting link and audio instructions.
  • Promote your public meetings through Facebook and Twitter.
    When scheduling your meeting, check the box "Make Public", and if you've connected your social accounts, meeting notifications will be posted to those services.
  • Copy and paste the meeting information yourself.
    You can copy your meeting URL and phone conference numbers and paste them into your own emails or post them on your website. You might even send them via another email system like Constant Contact.